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Wireless Internet Service
Traditional forms of Internet service rely on telephone lines, cable television lines, and fiber optic cables. While the underlying core of the Internet remains wired, several alternative forms of Internet technology utilize wireless to connect homes and businesses.

Wireless Network Hardware
To build or tap into a wireless network requires certain types of computer hardware. Portable devices like phones and tablets feature built-in wireless radios. Wireless broadband routers power many home networks. Other kinds of equipment include external adapters and range extenders.

CCTV & IP Video Surveillance consultation,           Burglar Alarm Systems consultation,
design, and installation                                             design, and installation

CCTV & Alarm Remote monitoring services           Fire Alarm Systems consultation,
                                                                                    design, and installation

After Sales & Maintenance Servicing


Don't let this happen to your company

Guard Tour / Patrol System allows a company management to monitor the activities of the security guard to ensure that the guards do their prowling duty according to the pre-arranged patrol routes and timings.  Without such a guard tour monitoring system, there is no way to tell whether the guards are really doing their rounds of patrol according to the time schedules.

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